Raga Ratneshwari

By Gopal Chandra Nandi



I created this Raga in the year 2000 to hail the coming millenium. This Raga is a blend of Shree, Puriya and Kalyan. The ascending Shree is perfectly complimented by Puriya and Kalyan in the descension. The structure of this Raga suggests its inclusion under Poorvi Thaat. The time for its performance is evening with sonant Pancham and consonant Shadja. While ascending use of Gandhar and Dhaivat is prohibited but while descending it allows all notes. Its Jaati is Audav, Sampoorna.

Flat Dhaivat is used in ascending as per Shree -- #M P bD P -- but while descending, pure Dhaivat is used. the notes employed in this Raga are flat Nishad, the two Dhaivat-s and all other sharp notes. The resting notes are Shadja and Pancham. This Raga is meend-oriented and of sombre nature adequate for Vilambit singing or playing.

Ascending notes: S bR #M P, bD P, N S2

Descending notes: bR2 N D P, D #M G, #M bR G, bN bR S

Catch Notes: bR #M P, bD P, D #M G, #M bR G, R S

There are several compositions in Ratneshwari for vocal and for violin. The response of audience to this Raga at Lucknow and elsewhere has been overwhelming. Even on listening to it for the first time, audience of almost all age and learning apprecite it. Those wishing to learn more may contact me 91-522-2350284

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