Areas of innovation in Teaching and Practice


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Madhukali is holding a two-days award ceremony to give away the first-ever Sangeetendu Dr. Lalmani Misra Awards on 22nd and 23rd December 2007 at Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal (M.P.)

Omenad has decided to organize a Symposium on this occasion focusing on Areas of Innovation in Teaching and Practice of Indian Classical Music. Consent from some scholars has been received who shall discuss philosophy of presentation, myth and facts about inter-relationship of Raga-s and new methodology of learning ICM etc.

There are many facets of Indian Classical Music which have to be understood in modern perspective regarding preservation, promotion and dissemination of this art-form. Many artistes despite having concrete ideas regarding presentation have never brought them out due to hostile public reception or outright rejection. In India music still languishes being branded either as entertainment or an ancient practice. As entertainment it suffers due to market forces resulting in use of synthesised music that has replaced human accompanists; being branded as an ancient art very few students opt to learn at the right age (8 to 12) and then too, music is rarely a part of formal education system. Academics and activists have tried to convince people and authority to give music its place in school curriculum. Music is indeed therapeutic but its commodification as an alternate therapy is detrimental to genuine practice.

Several papers have been received on different aspects of learning and performance of Indian music and dance. Some of the speakers are:

Techniques of Wind Instruments Pt. Raghunath Seth
Electroninc Music Instruments Shri G. Rajnarayan
Indian Musical Notation: Accuracy versus Universality Dr. Ragini Trivedi
Ragamala paintings as Musical Texts Dr. Naval Krishna
Visualizing New Possibilities of Raga Presentations Prof. Sanjoy Bandopadhyaya
The element of Mystery and Rationality in Indian Raga-s Dr. Bageshri Joshi
Raga Presentation: Tradition and New Dimensions Dr. Suneera Kasliwal
Music Therapy: An Objective Evaluation Dr. Sharada Velankar

Mr. Niranjan Haldar would present his musical innovation, Ranjan Veena before the gathering of scholars. An introduction to Prof. R C Mehta's recent book, Eminent Musicians of Yester Years shall be given by Tabla virtuoso Prof. Kiran Deshpande.

The symposium shall start at 9:30 am with Registration on 23rd December at Bharat Bhawan Bhopal.



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