Sangeetendu Pandit Lalmani Misra Awards

Award Function

22nd and 23rd December 2007

Bharat Bhawan

Bhopal (M.P.)

Madhukali, dedicated to Sangeetendu Pandit Lalmani Misra, in keeping with the spirit of encouragement of its mentor has decided to bestow two annual awards in the field of instrumental music.

Pandit Lalmani Misra had always laid stress on 'catching them young'. His own initial education in music had been through proxy. The music teacher training his mother spotted the talent of the young boy and implored his parents to allow him to learn music. Dr. Misra had composed songs for children and had even written books for them. He always professed the virtue of teaching music formally to all. Music, he held, incorporated discipline, improved concentration and instilled a spirit of harmony. Many institutions, on his advice, began music-training programmes for the young.

As a salute to his concern for musical empowerment of the child, Madhukali shall be instituting an annual award for the child instrumentalist. The Sangeetendu Pandit Lalmani Misra Bal Adhyeta Award would be given each year to a young music practitioner under 16 years of age.

Excellence in musical performance is not a matter of talent or skill alone. It requires patience, humility and undeterred practice to first understand principles of Indian Classical Music and then express it to one's satisfaction. It is to encourage these fundamental values, rather than superficial glamour, which confuses many a keen practitioners, that Madhukali shall be giving Sangeetendu Pandit Lalmani Misra Yuva Sadhak Award to an instrumentalist below 45 years of age, with proven dedication to learning and performance of music every year.

The grant of award would be decided in multi-tiered conclave of a team of artistes, critics and scholars.

Dr. Misra -- singer, composer, musician, scholar, teacher -- was a citizen of the world. The two awards would not be limited to any specific region; however, initially they shall be in field of North Indian instrumental Music. Madhukali would strive to grant these awards on an international level.

Reputed societies working in the filed of Indian Classical Music and individuals with credentials may assist Madhukali by sending nominations for these awards. To request for submission details click here.

Madhukali has already received proposals for co-hosting and organizational assistance for awards and Award ceremony. The Award ceremony would be organized in locations reputed as music-centers. For partner-ship and sponsor-ship click here.




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